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Abu Sufian Nilove

Founder & CEO

Abu Sufian Nilove, the CEO of NijolCreative Photography started his professional photography career in 2006. Since he was a child, he was passionate about graphics and photography. Though he was used to draw or sketch on a book’s cover and on homework copy as well. Those were the rising signs of his creativity and passion.

Consequently, starting photography career with a photo studio in 2006, Abu Sufian Nilove figured out the fundamental of Digital photography from one of his friends. Later, Abu Sufian Nilove enhanced his photographic skills and craft by the help of internet. After having four years of experience with that studio photography, Abu Sufian Nilove widened his techniques by learning graphic design. Then he started freelancing as a graphic designer and was quite successful. From 2010 to 2012, he did a lot of outsourcing works based on graphics designing. Though still hold his passion by doing regular clipping path and image editing works for some international clients.

Basically, the learning process of Digital Photography can be started from online; Abu Sufian Nilove is one of the examples. Thereafter, he took a ‘Diploma in Photography’ from ‘PRISM‘. Now he is running the top digital photography agency of the country NijolCreative Photography successfully. The albums of our NijolCreative Photography make up bits and pieces of the life story, and tell a bit about who Abu Sufian Nilove is!

Abu Sufian Nilove had achieved the award of the best photographic entrepreneur in 2015. Besides all of this, he keeps himself involved in various photographic and public figure actions. Besides his photography career; he is a social worker, e-commerce developer, public speaker, and organizer

Abu Sufian Nilove designates his photography as honest, sincere and intimate. During ten years of his professionalism in digital photography, Abu Sufian Nilove honed his aesthetic sensibilities and technical skills. He put his heart and soul into his work, and it shows in his photographs.

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